Mom’s Videos

I’m so glad Mom invested in video cameras early. I really appreciate these memories from the past.

I started out thinking I would break these out by family or occasion, but it became too big a project, so I decided to just post them as they came from the tapes. (if anyone wants to take on the project of breaking them out, have at it!) In the mean time, you can skip ahead to the section you are interested in.

Still working on them – lots to go…

1982-83 Video Link  – 1982 (0:00) Christmas at Grandma Mildred and Grandpa Phil’s home – With Grandma and Granddad Nelson, Aunt Inez, Julius Eberg ; (4:58) Christmas lunch visit with Grandma Lindquist and Mildred Gimness; (17:48) Christmas Dinner and Gifts; (01:07:23) Bill and Ruth Baker (Phil’s Sister) from White Rock(01:12:14) The Pykes (Pastor in Swift Current); (01:21:12) Jan 3, 1983 in North Van with Bryan’s Family; (01:55:56) Swift Current at Grandma Lindquist house – with the Chalmers

1983 Video 1 Link(0:00) Danny Pyke Birthday(6:18) Julius Eberg 89th Birthday (with lots of friends and family (and stories))(33:30) April 11 1983 in Mississaua with Les Nancy and family (rumour has it that it was while watching the family swim here (starting at 1:21:20) that Mom decided she wanted to learn to swim… She went home and took lessons and swam for many years) 

1983 Video 2 Link(0:00) Kit’s 7th Birthday(17:55) Lars and Grace visit(26:10) Stephanie Pyke Birthday(40:35) Grandad Nelson Birthday (Ralph, Julius, Dad, Doris, Grandad, Grandma, Joyce, Lloyd, Ray, Inez, and more)

1983 Video 3 Link(0:00) At the Cooks in Winnipeg(20:33) Grandma Emma Lindquist 94th Birthday(28:49) Kevin and Valerie Pyke Birthday(39:05) Christmas in Vancouver(01:40:29) In Vancouver with Ruth and Bill Baker (New Year’s?)(01:54:09) Travis Birthday1984 Video(0:00) Cooks in Swift Current(30:48) Pykes(1:20:34) More Swimming in Mississauga

1988 Nelson Family ReunionLots of talent from the Grandchildren

1995 Golden Anniversary Formal ProgramProgram from the 50th Anniversary in Abbotsford

1995 Golden Anniversary Family ProgramVarious family members perform and lots of stories

1995 – Video from Golden Anniversary PLUSThe video played at the 50th anniversary (put together by Phyllis) AND a lot of old movies and snapshots from those 50 years that she used as source material. 

2004 Nelson Family ReunionHeld in Wisconsin