David was an enigma
Fifteen years ago, I was working for my company representing Canada on a North America level project with people from[...]
At a seminar, I heard someone talking about something his church was doing in their community. A number of people[...]
Colin Kaepernick – kneeling protest
I'm reminded of the story of Esther, a woman from a oppressed minority who became queen because of her great[...]
I love New Year’s resolutions!
I love New Year’s resolutions. A fresh start is a great gift. Perhaps it is the greatest gift (that’s what[...]
Monday Morning Attitude Adjustment
This morning was Monday morning, only more so. The sky was grey... I hadn’t slept well, and my body hurt[...]
When Change Fails
It started well. Some customers had complained that other patrons weren't following the rules exactly. The behavior of this small[...]